What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone

           monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.




I will be the gentle breeze

the rustling of the leaves

in the darkest of nights

I will be brightest of stars

and the guide when you are lost

I will be listening for you

when you call out to me


Leave a message at the sound of the tone

and I will get back to you as soon as I can

In the meantime

I will be waiting

your arrival

“Leave” is the word prompt today over at Kate’s blog.  Write for five minutes without worrying if it’s right.   Have a great weekend everyone!!


The past week in Canada has been a hard one.  We experienced terror and lost  good men.  I’m a little late, but I’m sharing today on Kate’s blog.  You can too if you “dare”.


It is in that moment of terror

eyes welling with tears

mouth agape, heart pounding

and frozen with fear

we must remember

who were are


what we stand for


Our resolve must be

to not let the horror

creep into our daily lives

living scared, but

to unite with strength

determined to not let apathy

win this war


I dare you

to never forget





Time stands like a soldier

waiting on tomorrow

while fear spreads it’s arms wide

hovering overhead casting shadows

dropping bombs of doubt

and I am frozen

afraid to make a decision


The clock ticks counting off seconds

hours march by and the clicking

rhythm of boot heels and toes

spray water up from

the murky puddles of trepidation

hiding resolve


The air raids in my head

are causing a pounding

sirens are assaulting my confidence

which is hiding beneath

a standard issued uniform

yet I am far from being typical


Change is brutal

a war raged within

fortified by the numbness of fright

I am bloodied by it’s siege

my armour has been compromised

so  in defense of my honour

I take aim and pray for a clear shot





























Take care of yourself and those you love…



Today’s Friday.  Write for five minutes not worrying if it’s right at Kate’s blog.  Today’s prompt is the word: care.  Have a great weekend, and for us Canadians, enjoy your Thanksgiving festivities.



Don’t dance the same old dance in brand new shoes …



Exonerate yourself from the trappings of consumerism

Walk away from over thinking and overdoing

Make time for family and friends

Say yes

Say no

Love yourself so that you can love others more

Stay quiet

Sing loudly, even off-key

Keep your promises

Never stop believing

Dream bigger

Sleep longer

Look for ways to find gratitude

Give hugs like you mean them

Kiss your partner passionately

Tell people you love, you like them too

Be honest

Stay humble


Give it your best

Buy new shoes

And remember to not dance the same old dance in them …



Today I’m joining in with the FMF group at Kate’s blog.  Give a go, try something “new”.








I am exhausted

from the revolving door

of thoughts

that keep circling round and round

in my head


The fissures of my surface

have been cracked wide open

leaving me exposed

left to bleed out


I am ready to lay down

like the abandoned train tracks

chocked by tangled weeds

their identity hidden


Thinking of the possibilities

I cry only dry tears

the wet have been spent

and I am broke


There is no fight in me

so I surrender my heart

and although crushed by battle

it beats


because of you



Well today is Tuesday.  There’s was a bunch of writing going on Friday.  That’s the day to write not worrying if it’s right over at Kate’s blog.  Write for five minutes, no editing, no backtracking.  Link up your post and then visit your neighbour to spread some FMF love.    The prompt is: because