Our doors like our lives

are painted in different colours

Each an expression of ourselves

It’s our own curb appeal

Leaving the light on

and the door open

may leave you vulnerable

No one likes a door closed on them

left excluded with jammed fingers or scarred hearts

and yet

sometimes we have to make the choice

to close doors for our own self preservation

protecting ourselves and those we love

or perhaps to swing them wide open

expose what is happening behind them

to stop cycles

release pain

tell the truth

breathe in fresh air

and begin again

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People are not disposable

we must narrow the expanse

of prejudice

stop stereotyping

rise up like the ocean wave

white capped, cresting

ready for the break

slam down on hatred and sin

pushing them to the shoreline

then like the ocean’s rhythm

we must rise again higher and higher

to try once more, breaking the cycle

leaving in our wake

new bits of

shell, glass and stone

worn, honouring the lives

of those lost or broken

born again with renewed hope

and shaped in HIS love

So today is Saturday.  I am participating in Five Minute Friday over at Kate’s blog.  I haven’t been there for some time now.  I’ve been taking a “break”.

Send Me

rosary tatoo

Send me your

pain, despair

negativity and anguish

your loneliness, tears

diseases and sadness

And I will pray

for comfort, courage

positivity and light heartedness

companions, smiles

good health and happiness

So that HIS light will bathe you

with the hope for better tomorrows

HIS strength lift you and your heart

up in prayer for others who ache for

HIS pure love and courage too

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welcome door

The clock strikes midnight

and with or without fanfare

we brace for the beginning of a new year

The gift of opportunity

to begin again

smarter from the lessons learned

stronger from the pain experienced


or perhaps not

Don’t waste your time with regret

or resolutions you have no intention on keeping

embrace the days and nights to come with the grace

that you are love

and in HIS eyes


Blessings for the year ahead.  WeLcOmE  it with open arms.


We lead with you

and follow with the names of those

we love, pour our secrets into diaries after you

begin our letters to legends, or fabled visitors with you


We formally address those we don’t know

and speak to someone named “John” when we

fall out of love


We call out to you to make sure

you are near, while climbing over life’s

obstacles pleading for you


We look for you in the dark,  stay

surprised by you.  Witness happiness

with you, sadness too


We preface you with two letter words

Championing the good displayed by people

Scrutinizing the horror displayed by people


We beg for mercy with you

Pray to the divine with you

Begin with

End with



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I entered the room

your shrinking body, dwarfed by the bed

clinically white save but for your mauve shawl

which played with the silver of your hair

and the light of day streaming in from the window

You spied one eye open

and held your hand out for mine

Cold hands, warm hearts

We talked about you

your dreams and the visitors

from the past and the present

You knew and so did I that

this was our time, albeit limited

Life is an accumulation

of connected moments

I was grateful for the connection

felt blessed to bear witness

we sat holding hands

while the light faded

you did too

never your memory though

I still miss you


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turning the corner


Turning means a change

be it a new chapter

a leaf

a corner


bright red




kicking and screaming

It allows for growth

and an opportunity to learn

I love to turn

especially when twirling

with my face towards heaven

showing HIM

I’m finding my way home


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