Love You Real

Open was my heart I was true To a love brand new I loved you real Life has a way Of testing love each day Yet I never doubted I loved you real Heavy is a heart That bears the weight of sighs While you lived a life of lies I loved you real I’m… More Love You Real


The leaves like my mind drift Crimson red, golden yellow They find their place on the ground Reality can be bare and brown As I kick my way through The wander of their journey I expose the truth and focus of life’s concrete


when the world is chaotic and life’s muddy colours prevent you from seeing its majesty go back to green when the heart is heavy and you feel broken take a deep breath go back to green when you are lost on life’s path and you need to find your way ground yourself go back to… More Green

New Direction

I’m walking yet the steps I take are not my own I’m singing the words of a song I’ve never known I’m dancing my two feet lead me in a new direction With every stride with every beat with every slide my heart grows


The lump in my throat is preventing me from breathing and I am hot and feeling faint with the news of death then the doctor tells us about your wishes through tears of pain we find joy solace washes us in the light of your love your gift of donation has the power to possibly save… More GIFT


Our doors like our lives are painted in different colours Each an expression of ourselves It’s our own curb appeal Leaving the light on and the door open may leave you vulnerable No one likes a door closed on them left excluded with jammed fingers or scarred hearts and yet sometimes we have to make the… More Doors


People are not disposable we must narrow the expanse of prejudice stop stereotyping rise up like the ocean wave white capped, cresting ready for the break slam down on hatred and sin pushing them to the shoreline then like the ocean’s rhythm we must rise again higher and higher to try once more, breaking the cycle leaving in… More B*R*E*A*K

Send Me

Send me your pain, despair negativity and anguish your loneliness, tears diseases and sadness And I will pray for comfort, courage positivity and light heartedness companions, smiles good health and happiness So that HIS light will bathe you with the hope for better tomorrows HIS strength lift you and your heart up in prayer for… More Send Me


The clock strikes midnight and with or without fanfare we brace for the beginning of a new year The gift of opportunity to begin again smarter from the lessons learned stronger from the pain experienced joyful or perhaps not Don’t waste your time with regret or resolutions you have no intention on keeping embrace the days… More WeLcOmE