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what do you see

when you look at me
the colour of my skin
the scar on my knee
am i skinny or fat
is my hair just so
would you choose me as a friend
attend my party if asked to go
what do you believe
when you gaze into my eyes
in the dreams that i hold
or the unflattering lies
what do you feel
when you block my path
my heart beating faster
or the deep-rooted wrath
when you look me up
and then look me down
does it make you smile
or produce a frown
can you find who you are
when you look at me
because i can see who i am
when you stare back at me



Boxes and Bags
It all comes down to this

I go through closets and drawers
Finding new treasures
Stories of your being

Your clothes folded neatly
Row upon row
I carefully pack into boxes and bags
Before long I have filled the room

You are with me
I can smell your perfume

Pictures: old and new, postcards of where you’ve been
Birthday cards, Christmas cards, Get well cards, Sympathy too
Months and years bound by ribbon or band

The hours pass
It takes time to gather the pieces of your life
I recall what you taught me
The good and the bad
Just like the treasures I find
Some I keep, others I discard

I bear witness to your existence
Child, sister, wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother
Your years unfolded to me
A heart-breaking privilege

I’ll forever remember you
So many memories
So many boxes and bags

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