with words to live large by

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Waiting on White


white waits colourless
neutral, void
and faded

she anticipates
colour’s infusion into
her lackluster world

dig in with your heels
and turn the wheel

should you douse her heart
with the passion of red
will she just cry pink

to stroke her ego
with the coolness of blue
may yield an icy turn

can painting her soul
with the warmth of yellow
nurture growth like the sun

dig in with your heels
and turn the wheel

tease her with colour
avoiding  all black notes
and the ambiguity of
living life in grey




in no time at all
you have known them a lifetime
they have your back while
knowing when to back off
tell the truth
when you ask silly questions
even if it hurts
you can finish each other’s sentences
because they know you like no other
they can be your partner in crime
and the voice of reason
they raise you up when you fall hard
celebrate victories, small and large
don’t just listen but hear what you’re saying
pass no judgement
never letting you feel less than
make you a believer while
laughing so hard you cry
and when the sound of their voice
brings peace to your soul
you call them