with words to live large by

I’m Here for My Vice


I am standing here on the opposite corner

my umbrella is insufficient for the scope of this storm

the wind is fearless, unrelenting

and every raindrop feels like a personal assault

producing bone chilling shivers

and tiny icicles on trees wrapped in white lights

the aroma alone is temptation to dash

but I am hampered by traffic, puddles

and red flashing signals

only twenty six steps

into the shielded warmth of the green and white

and to my morning vice



11 thoughts on “I’m Here for My Vice

  1. Having a second cup of mine right now. 🙂 Visiting from FMF.

  2. Oh, for that morning vice! Your words are like poetry to read. And with a cup of strong coffee, what better way to spend a rainy morning?

  3. I love this. Poetry for coffee 🙂

  4. Seriously, you wrote that in five minutes? My barrista can hardly make my caramel macchiato that fast!

  5. Coffee is worth the storm and the wait.

  6. Oh, but French coffee isn’t such a vice. You sip is slowly, relishing the taste and the warm. Any bad health effects are counter-acted by the happiness, relaxation, and deep breathing. 🙂
    Definitely deserving of the poem.
    Laura Hedgecock

  7. Awesome picture of trying to get to what you really want, right now. I loved it. Thanks for sharing this at FMF.

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