with words to live large by

The Walk

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Rain is the result of burgeoning clouds
the atmosphere is heavy
I fasten the leash to your collar
as we step off into the street

We head North, my pace is quick, wanting
to end this walk before it begins
you nudge your restricted nose into my calf
it isn’t long until your growl
justifies my decision
the black cat taunts you
I bark a command and you fall back into line
this is her territory
you are just passing by

Walking the sidewalk I make sure
to evade my mother harm by skipping cracks
We walk side by side only until a hydrant or signpost
when I relent to your pull as you make your mark
staking claim

We make it to the bridge
slick from the rain
which now is a bonafide downpour

The wind is whipping rain
you walk behind me
using me as a shield
emphasizing your intellect
reminding me whose top dog

On the homestretch now
we pass the foundation
of a soon to be built château

It will loom over dated bungalows
denying privacy and producing shade
where gardens require the sun

We are cold and wet
as we approach the drive

I release the lead
and you bound up the way
wagging your rain-soaked body
releasing a spray of water
as I shake my head frustrated that
I’ve neglected to leave towels by the door


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