with words to live large by

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Paris 190


under moonlit skies
they pulse paint
tell their stories
with pictures and words
marking territory
emitting emotion
in adoration
or condemnation of
they breathe life onto
concrete, metal and wood
giving messages of hope
glorifying the unglorified
in protest
vibrant voices
strike out
pleading with us to listen up
needing to be heard
they ask us to recognize
their pain or joy
with aerosol art




Words …

how they can escape you
yet come to mind too

announce your birth
may grade your worth

they include
sometimes delude

bring to a conclusion
give the illusion

explain a lie
at times deny

make you regret
wish you’d forget

set a mood
perhaps start a feud

may mean to beguile you
produce a smile too

profess undying love
curse the rain from above

persuade you to try
present reasons to cry

can describe a life
may cut like a knife

yet, they are just words
either written or heard
they are just words …