with words to live large by




he is a gift

of love

when I am sitting

he lays his head on my foot

tracking me, one eye open

holding me down

when we walk he nudges his snout up against my calve

letting me know he is there with me

obeying the command

when I leave he dashes to the window

upon my return I am greeted with a smile

and a shoe

or a sock

tail wagging

I provide the necessities for him

he gives me so much more in return

always ready for play

or sleep, if we should need a nap

when I talk, he listens

he has mimicked my sigh

he protects us and invites others into our lives

he is pure joy

all 11 kilograms

I keep him close

because he is family

and I love my family




8 thoughts on “Close

  1. You’ve said it beautifully here in these words. (I love dogs!). How they do mimick our sighs.

  2. Such an adorable photo. Thanks for the follow. I’ll be back to yours!

  3. ‘He has mimicked my sigh’ – so sweet. And so funny that they do that!
    Such a cute pic. Thanks for the Monday morning smile /)

  4. Too sweet! We have 3 dogs, and I feel this way about each one of them! ❤

  5. I feel the same way about my furry friends. Loved your post!

  6. What a sweet photo! My kiddos would love a dog too. Such a sweet companion!

  7. Oh, this is sweet! I love this. I have a golden retriever and they LOVE to be as CLOSE as possible. Thanks for sharing. Keep writing! I will be back next week for sure.

  8. You describe it beautifully! Thanks for sharing. Visiting from FMF!

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