with words to live large by

The Messenger


By orator, post or machine

we receive good tidings

or sorrow

we are informed of imminent danger

or the birth of a prince

worldly updates

or the common minutia

of everyday life

ours, or those we lust or abhor

we come to know them

call them friend or foe

but one thing we must never

forget is to not

shoot the messenger

especially when it comes

to the weather



4 thoughts on “The Messenger

  1. I love how this reads! Glad I stopped by from FMF!

  2. Lol @ the weather part. Definitely true where I live (negative temps for months of the year and heavy snowfall for half the year).

  3. Good thoughts. {fmf}

  4. Gave me a smile at the ending. True! 😊

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