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Sudden Downpour

I entered the shop

soaked to the bone


A man at the counter

was cradling the phone


Low level light produced a din

with gesturing arms

I was waved right in


Filled with dusty old antiquities

the store shared the tales

of people and their histories


His was one of sadness be told

after losing his life’s love

the business had been sold


What I learned from sudden downpours

that had my interest peaked

is that stories found, aren’t always held

within the words they speak






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Summer you give us

days that melt into each other

like the scooped ice cream

atop cones of plain or sugar


You bring heat that

relishes idle activities

on floating docks

we sip crisp libations

while lapping waves

work to produce polished stones


Rays of sun sway with trees creating dappled light

while black skies share space with crackling fires

fire flies and moonlit nights

lazy, hazy winds breathe fun filled days

into dream filled sleeps

with the comforting sound of the loon who cries


Games are played, puzzles solved and books are read

under the safety of rainbows that stretch

for miles searching for pots of gold


You tease us, then torment us

with  early end of season mark-downs

you pile snow suits into warehouses

and sell notebooks with lined pages


Why Summer, why?









Writers may be disreputable, incorrigibly early to decay or late to bloom but they dare to go it alone.    John Updike



It was pushing through the earth

towards a diamond sky

filling my heart with mirth

I cannot tell a lie


The chartreuse hint

bearing it’s place

was quiet at first

there was only a trace


I was hopeful


and I gave it room

sweet ivy,  you surprised me

you provided me bloom