with words to live large by



When holding hands

we place our hearts

carefully in the palms

of others, trusting that

their intentions

are honourable


We create solidarity

with a bond bound by faith

messages of hope

strength from fear

the happiness of joy

or the gift of love


Whether witnessed by many

or few, it matters not

for in that moment when

we offer our hand

we offer ourselves



I offer you mine

Hold tight.





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Your slyness creeps in

turning collars up

hats tucked down


Lush lawns sport new dews

trees play with colour

bearing the fruit of the season


Brisk walking replaces Summer’s saunter

and we turn our gaze to the sun

while still warm,  is losing it’s luster


The haze of the sky gives way to a true blue

crisp clouds breeze by

on the tails of cooler winds


We begin to dream and dress in warmer tones

Candles are lit and fires are kindled

energizing our senses while we cozy our nests


We bottle, bake and freeze giving thanks

for Summer’s bounty

the bedding of gardens and cutting of eager bushes

necessitates the switch of seasonal tools

We bow to natures shedding

bending and raking


Witnessing our morning’s breath

we wait,  while you make up your mind

how fair you will play

your Fall game