with words to live large by



I am not the first to find love

or to have felt hatred

to be lost and then found

cry only to laugh uncontrollably

have the answer and then know nothing at all

ask why, then understand

stand strong while losing ground


beg for mercy

find determination amongst discouragement

remember to forget

bear witness while ignoring others

be afraid to be brave

then be brave while feeling afraid

show gratitude

throw stones

smile through the bruising

find redemption

I wont be the last



2 thoughts on “First

  1. Not the first or last…have shared many of these myself. You’ve beautifully capture the Christian life with these words.

  2. Your line, “remember to forget” made me smile. While I need to do this sometimes, I have become very, very good at just the opposite…I forget to remember. Obviously, growing old is going to be an adventure. 🙂

    Your post has many things for us to try to remember in our walk on this earth. Thank you for this.

    Have a wonderful 2016!

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